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Movie posters

We create posters for films which showcase the underlying genre and type that the film belongs to. Each of the imagery or graphics is a careful kaleidoscope of images assembled together to create demand for the increased viewership of the film, and also to generate an interest towards the storyline of the film. Also the posters are always in sync with the director's version of the storyline or the character sketches visualized by the film unit.

Anubrata Bhalo Acho

Anubrata confronts his nemesis, death, every day, as his wife, Neeta, fights a losing battle against cancer. His life changes when his path crosses that of Jaya , whose husband is fighting a lung ailment in hospital.

Not A Dirty Film

A tale of the murky and dark inner workings of the pornographic industry and the vicious network they have spread throughout the city, trapping the innocents into their cobwebs.

Jamai 420

A comedy of errors regarding three couples and their families and the mayhem that follows them once they are off for a vacation in Bangkok.

Besh Korechhi Prem Korechhi

Marking the return for the superhit duo of Jeet and Koel, the film is a full fledged commercial entertainer with a genuine dosage of comedy, romance, drama and sizzling chemistry between the leads.

Parbona Aami Chharte Toke

A peppy love story of a young couple starring newcomers Bonny and Koushani , focusing on their love-hate relationship from their childhood and how it blossoms into love.

Prime Time

Prime Time is a journey of two crime reporters Chandana and Sayantan as they get trapped in the dark alleys of the underworld in an attempt to cover intriguing stories for their news show.

Shudhu Tomari Jonye

Adi and Nayantara are thrown into an arranged marriage while both of them struggle with their traumatic and tragedy laden pasts. It is a sublime story of how they overcome the obstacles and grow to love each other.


Life could not get better for the beautiful , glamorous and famous Shakuntala with both her career and personal lives settled for good until her past threatens to tear it apart in pieces.

Ki Kore Toke Bolbo

Akash and Anjali are forced into an arranged marriage The film is a take on how two people determined to go their separate ways in the future learn to love each other just through the magic of time.


Jeetu, a young man, wants to become a cop but is discouraged by his brother-in-law, who is also a cop. A dejected Jeetu then steals his uniform and goes around policing in the town and becomes famous in the process.

Love Express

A young boy on the verge of getting disowned by his own families gets entangled in chaos and adventure as he meets the girl he eventually falls in love with.

Kelor Kirti

Chaos ensues in the lives of three young couples after they come across a charming lady. It is a hilarious cat and mouse chase across exotic locales.


Gangster is a heart wrenching tragic love story of Guru , a former gangster and Ruhi, a vibrant and charming young woman who meet by a turn of fate. What follows is a intriguing saga of romance, angst, heartbreak and betrayals.

Thammar Boyfriend

The legendary Sabitri Chattopadhyay plays Nandini, an old and wealthy widow, who decides to marry the suave and much younger Partho ( Abir Chatterjee ) and thereby inciting scandalised reactions from her family.


Devi is a modern day retelling of Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay's cult classic "Devdas" , where the original characters' genders have been swapped and the lead protagonist is a female, thus giving a narrative a very impactful twist.

Haripada Bandwala

Haripada Bandwala is a completely comic family entertainer based on the love story of Haripada , an aspiring wedding singer and Sweety, a successful actress. Ankush and Nusrat play the leads hence adding to the star value of the story.

Tomake Chai

With a lot of perseverance, easy-going Joy succeeds in wooing the strong-willed Diya. However, on the day of their marriage, an unfortunate incident shatters their lives. A tale of heartbreaking love and loss which shines through the chemistry of the hit pair of Bonny and Koushani.


National award winning film, Bisarjon, a poignant tale of a doomed romance set against the backdrop of volatile geo-political tension fraught Bangladesh and West Bengal, not only got widespread critical acclaim, but also was a blockbuster hit across Bengal.


A thriller chase about a fight to the finish between ACP Ronojoy Bose ( Yash Dasgupta) and award winning genius Padmasree Aditya Sen ( Prosenjit Chatterjee ) . With a impressive cast and superhit music, Birsa Dasgupta's ONE is a consummate action thriller.


A crime thriller set against the desolately breathtaking landscape of the Dow Hills. The story revolves around a search operation undertaken by a police officer on the behest of a mysterious doctor to search for his missing wife.

Aami Je Ke Tomaar

An intensely interwoven tale of love, loss and friendship between Aditya, Esha and Prachi ( Played by Ankush, Nusrat and Sayantika ) , as they deal with myriad emotions in regard to their closest relationships.

Boss 2

Sequel of the superhit film Boss, Boss 2 follows Surya as the tides turn against him and he faces the wrath of the people he was once loved by. His personal life on the other hand is also falling apart. What follows is a win or die attempt to regain his reputation.


Arindam Sil's casts a different light on the infamous case of the Hetal Parekh murder of 2004. The narrative follows how through the loopholes of law and judgements innocents suffer to death.

Shob Bhooturey

Birsa Dasgupta returns to the genre of horror after "Golpo Holeo Shottyi" with "Shob Bhooturey" . The plotline involves two parallel stories set years apart as the main leads , Aniket and Nandini are compelled to reason out inexplicable incidents happening in and around a remote village.


Chilekotha is a biography-drama based on the life on an old aged NRI named Animesh Chattopadhyay. Animesh returning to India from America after retirement reminisces his old memories of livingin a joint family with his uncles and aunts.

Chhaya o Chhobi

A story on its own as unfolds at a film set in Darjeeling where several characters with shady pasts meet. Boasting of a heavy star cast and shot across the quaint hills of North Bengal, Chhaya o Chhobi is a coming of age film by Kaushik Ganguly.

Bolo Dugga Mai Ki

Shyamo, a young and carefree boy who indulges in a lavish lifestyle is disowned by his rich grandfather after gets a whiff of his unscrupulous activities. Infuriated, Shaymo leaves the house and while wandering alone, he meets Uma, a rollercoaster ride ensues.